A word from our Chair of Trustees

In October Peter chaired our AGM. He is Chair of our trustee board and is passionate about the work we do.

“At our AGM in October we were very pleased to elect 4 trustees to the board, 3 who were standing for re-election, having completed their 3 year term, together with a new trustee who will bring additional skills and experience to the board.


“We give thanks to our funders while recognising the challenge of continually securing funds for the future of the service and our sustainability.

“Giving advice to people who are struggling for whatever reason or acting on behalf of people who are overwhelmed by the situation they find themselves in enables them to move forward in life.

“For some it is enabling them to take accountability, signposting where they need to be and the steps they need to take and that help is sufficient and liberating.

“For others with complex situations or who are less able to help themselves the advice and support given can be life transforming, moving them out of situations that were spiralling out of control. In these situations, injustices can be corrected, abuse and exploitation can be highlighted and dealt with and dignity of life rebuilt.

“Staff and volunteers are able to use their existing expertise or be trained to help, guide and develop those who need help. They demonstrate a servant heart with a passion to help those who need it and as a result know that what they do is worthwhile and vital.

“The board of trustees honour and applaud all who are involved in this work at Ashfield Citizens Advice”.


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