Monisha’s Volunteering Story

Monisha joined Ashfield Citizens Advice in June, and finished our adviser training programme a few weeks ago. Since that time, she has begun to interview and advise clients.

IMG_20160825_155854I decided to join Citizens Advice during the Summer break of my University course. The charity gave me a chance to work with the local community, to gain a range of people skills and help give advice to individuals with problems ranging from complex employment grievances to filling in a welfare benefits form.

I wanted to volunteer at Citizens Advice because it gave me chance to give back to the community, work with dedicated and hardworking people and learn a whole host of skills. Training at Ashfield Citizens Advice was initially nerve wrecking, however, I have benefited from an amazing support system which has helped my confidence. If there are times when I have felt anxious, colleagues have always been there to listen and reassure me. It’s helpful to know that many of my experienced colleagues were once in the position I am now, as a relatively new adviser.

When I started advising, I initially worried that I was going to do something wrong, however I found that it is difficult to go wrong when you have readily available support and experience to call upon.

The most rewarding part of the job, is seeing the gratitude clients display when you find the advice they need to solve the problems they are facing. Working at Citizens Advice has been one of the best experiences I have come across. Everyone I have met so far is friendly, fun and easy to talk to. I have gained a better understanding of how the system works in terms of laws, policies and procedures, and I have gained a satisfaction from helping others to overcome their problems.

If you would like to learn more, please complete this form and we’ll get in touch! You can also view more on the volunteering pages of our website here.


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